March and April Catch Up

Hello Friends,

First, a very happy Thursday. I hope you are all staying safe at home and if you’re a Key Worker then a massive thank you for all you are doing.

At the end of February, I gave you a little run down of what I had been doing regarding to my journey to become a published author. The first sentence was literally, “haven’t the first two months of 2020 flown by?” Wow, how is it possible that March and April have been the complete opposite! I’ve been waiting to update you for the longest time. So, without further ado . . .

Last time I wrote about sending my first marked assessment to my tutor, I was very pleased to receive 67% for that. I was never very academic at school, quite often sitting in the low C range, so to get a University level B was great. Since then I have also sent and received feedback from my second marked assignment too! I got 64% for that, which again is great for me and my tutor gave some excellent feedback for me to work with. This assignment required us to write about Mary Wollstonecraft, Mozart, Dickens or Van Gogh. I chose Wollstonecraft and Dickens. It was interesting to look at the philosopher Mary Wollstonecraft and to learn more about philosophy in general. Wollstonecraft is often referred to as the “Mother of Feminism” and it’s clear to see why, in the 1700s she was fighting for equal rights. I also chose to write about Dickens and in particular we were looking at A Christmas Carol, this was particularly interesting for me as it gave me a new perspective of A Christmas Carol, a story I am very familiar with (in particular a certain Muppets version!)

Next for University is the study of traditions, starting with Greek and Roman Sculpture, then The Blues, Creative Writing and Poetry. For this section I’m going to be focussing on Creative Writing, I’ll share my final piece here once it’s been written towards the end of May.

With regards to my book, I’ve decided to go down the route of self-publishing. I know that if I had tried for longer my book might have been picked up, but I was just too keen to see it in print. I’m working with the amazing Claire Wingfield, who is helping to edit and prepare my book for self-publication and also Jess from The Ricketty Desk who is working on illustrations for the book. It was Jess who I started working with first. She read my book to her children, and her six-year-old described it as ‘like a modern Katie Morag with a great big spoon of amazing magic!’ Can’t ask for more than that! Her enthusiasm for the book made me determined to work with her so I’m very lucky in that aspect. I’ve been given a few homework pieces from Claire, all of which are very exciting, but that’s for another time.

So, my dear friends, until then, keep safe.


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